Before & Afters

We’re searching for the best Lilly Brush sweater makeovers. If you have a great shot of your before and after send it our way for a chance to win an extra Lilly Brush. The following photos are a collection of before and after shots from fans just like you. Most of these sweaters sat in storage before Lilly Brush revived them. Now they’re gently restored to new condition.

Lilly Brush sweater pill remover 2

Lilly Brush sweater pill remover 1

Lilly Brush sweater pill remover 3

Lilly Brush Sweater Pill Remover 4

“I recently discovered the Lilly Brush, which has become a travel essential for me. So much less annoying than bulky tape lint brushes and it makes sweaters look fresh and perfect.”
—Alexis Bryan Morgan, Executive Fashion Director, Lucky Magazine

“It definitely works and is safer on your sweaters…What normally would take 4 sheets on my adhesive lint roller was easy with the Lilly Brush and I could simply clean it out as necessary” - Kristin AppenbrinkReal Simple

“Reassuringly gentle and surprisingly effective, Lilly Brush forgoes abrasives and batteries in favor of a soft and dense nylon bristle that traps fuzzies…it works especially well on highly textured knits” - Vogue Knitting

“How refreshing to discover a product that actually lives up to the marketing hype. If pills are a problem for you, and you tend to wear 100% natural fabrics, $12.95 is a small price to pay for a pill-free future.” – Clara Parkes, A Knitters Review

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